Natural health tips

Drink oolong tea

Scientists indicate that people who have mild eczema and drink oolong tea three times a day should show slow recovery in itching symptoms. An ingredient called polyphenols seems to be responsible for this.

Use herbs

If you have troubles with veins, and you have a condition called varicose veins, use horse chestnut. It is an herbal extract, and some studies indicate that this extract can build up the veins and reduces the swelling. Horse chestnut can be found in cream from too, but there aren’t many evidence to support this theory that cream is any good.

Massage your temples

homemade-peppermint-infused-oilIf you are experiencing headache and tension around the temple area, use peppermint oil to rub it. Since the peppermint contains a menthol, which possesses analgesic features, it will ease your pain and tension.

Use ginger

Ginger contains volatile oils which are extremely beneficial for respiratory infections. Use one inch of grated ginger and pour two cups of hot water over it, let it to still for ten minutes. If you prefer, add one pinch of cayenne pepper, strain it and drink it as recommended.

Buy good sneakers

You feel like you lack in energy, exercise may be the last thing in your head, but this will do you better than a cup of coffee or a nap. A light walk will be an excellent solution when you feel drained and out of energy.

Smell rosemary

30-second-energy-boosts-01-smelling-rosemaryBase on some research, if you smell rosemary from time to time, it may improve alertness and memory. To test this theory, before an important meeting or a test, smell this aromatic plant, or use an essential oil, to improve your alertness and mental sharpness.

Eat fish

If you have issues with dry eyes, increase the intake of seafood. Any fish that contains omega – 3 fatty acids, such as mackerel, sardines, and Salmons. Your body will use these acids to produce tears. Some research indicates that people who consume a large amount of these acids, don’t have problems with dry eyes.

Take a probiotic

It is crucial to keep balanced yeast infection in your body. If you consume good bacteria, you will be able to control bacteria that live in your genital tract. Increased amount bacteria may cause an infection. Kefir and yogurt with active cultures are always a good solution.


Scientists have a mixed opinion related to this, but some studies have shown that fruit can improve night vision. During the Second World War, pilots who ate bilberry jam reported better night sight. Try to take 25 to 5m milligrams of this jam; you should expect the best results within the few hours.


People who eat bananas are less likely to develop high blood pressure.

Bring lavender in your space

People use lavender to reduce the stress and to get ready for peaceful sleep. You can pour few drops of lavender oil in your bath.



Seize the points in your body that are tense with a massage. Notify your therapist about those points.

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